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LiteDisc Holder - stor modell

Photoflex has introduced a strengthened, more durable version of its LiteDisc Holder™ for reflective materials used in traditional photography and digital imaging, President Sharon Reeves announced today.

The two-section LiteDisc Holder provides support for reflectors and diffusers such as Photoflex's LiteDisc™ line and the MultiDisc 5'n1™, as well as foam core, Plexiglas®, and other semi-lightweight reflective materials. It extends from 36 to 67 inches (91 to 170 cm).

It can also serve as a lightweight mini-boom for small softboxes by adding a counter balance such as Photoflex's Weightbag or its recently introduced, 20-pound sandbag.

"We've improved the popular LiteDisc Holder so that it's more durable and sturdy," Reeves says. "Heavy-duty aluminum is now used for the extension collar, the spring-clip collars, and the entire stand-mount swivel assembly. Reinforced brass-threaded inserts are also used for all of the threaded points, such as the spring-clip collars and the stand-mount swivel."

Photoflex's major improvements to the all-aluminum, stand-mount swivel provide greater clutching power for holding reflectors in place safely and securely, every time.

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